Why Get Pre-Qualified?

1. Pre-qualification acts as a dry run of the loan application process. The mortgage lender will use details you provide about your credit, income, assets and debts to arrive at an estimate of how much mortgage you can afford. The whole process may take only minutes or a few hours at most, and is free.

2. While a "pre-qual" is non-binding to the lender (because the information you provide has not been verified), it does serve as a good indication to potential sellers of your general creditworthiness.

3. These days most sellers will NOT accept an offer without at least a pre-approval letter, so if you are serious about buying this is the first step towards getting you in your new home.

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Annette Alvarez

Sr. Loan Officer

NMLS #296002

Direct: 505-920-8325

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Hi, I'm Annette

My pledge to you? It’s completely personal and highly professional. My ten plus years in the mortgage industry has netted me the comprehensive expertise to tailor-make the mortgage loan that suits your unique circumstances. Along the way, you’ll find our staff and myself attentive, responsive and dedicated to bringing you the best value. Your business now may benefit us both, but it’s the long-term relationship I care most about.

Give me a call, I’m ready to produce extraordinary mortgage results for you.


Annette brings to her customers several years of financing experience. She has held the position of Loan Processor and Loan Officer.

Annette and her team provides Homeowners and Home buyers with a variety of loan products to buy or refinance a home. First Mortgage Company is a Mortgage Lender who  originates, underwrites, closes, funds and services the loan. "Our objective is to service our customers from start to finish. We have a loan tool box that  is full of loan products to help our borrowers achieve the dream of owning a home or reducing monthly payments."





Gary Gurule

Email: ggurule@firstmortgageco.com

Address: 1048 Paseo de Peralta

Santa Fe, NM 87501

Direct Phone: 505-780-5802

Fax: 505-780-5838



 Feeling "at home" is a really great feeling. It’s when we feel safe and warm and in harmony with the world.


Our goal at First Mortgage Company is to make you feel at home. When you work with us to finance your home, we will help you select a mortgage that not only meets your payment and equity objectives but helps you achieve other financial goals as well. We’ll help you use your mortgage as a smart investment tool – money you can leverage to achieve your life’s goals.


We’re not here to help you once, we’ll be here to help you stay on track. We have lots of services that ensure you’re on the best loan program for you – at the right rate. I look forward to working with you and making you feel at home.


Contact me directly today to discuss your financial goals and how First Mortgage Company can help you reach them!






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